Preserve Smrekovec 
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The Smrekovec volcanism occurred in the Tertiary age: Oligocene and Miocene. The volcanic activity originates from the subduction and the later collision of the European oceanic plate with the ...More
Forest and pastures on the highland ridge Smrekovec–Komen–Travnik used to be in the property of the Count Turn and the Ljubljana diocese. Sunny and easy of accessible slopes were brought under cultivation ...More
Spring Ljubija
According to the water movement is the spring Ljubija an over spilling or a siphon spring. Its characteristic is the mowing of water from the depth under a high pressure. The spring could be characterised as a ...More
Nature reserve
The very upper part of the Smrekovec highland ridge has been protected as geological and botanical natural reserve since 1987 ...More
Natura 2000
Natura 2000 is the most ambitious nature conservation programme of the European Community. A legislation basis has been adopted from Council Directive ...More
An exceptional richness and a diverse botany of the Smrekovec highland ridge were mentioned already by Dr. Viktor Petkovšek in his article “On the Savinja volcanoes” in 1945. In this article he describes the beauty ...More
The bedrock of the Smrekovec highland ridge consists of impermeable layers, consequently there is a lot of surface water. The most important hydro heritage are numerous springs ...More
We can find many protected animals in the forest on the Smrekovec highland ridge, what is of special worth. Some animals live here, others pass the area or come temporarily. E.g. a wild cat and a lynx, also a brown bear ...More